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*Please denote on the full time application that you are an existing Alameda County Advanced Paramedic and are applying for a part-time position.

Falck Alameda County will be offering One Week Abbreviated Academy for Accredited Alameda CountyAdvanced Paramedics beginning early 2020!

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Programa Salud, June 25-July 25, 2020

     The need for Spanish-speaking nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers can hardly be exaggerated in Northern Califonia.  Now an exciting plan to address this has emerged, and you will want to know about it. Local nursing programs will send 20 students to Cuenca, Ecuador, for four weeks this summer for an intensive, health-care-focused homestay/Spanish-language-immersion program called Salud (health).

     Students will spend their mornings in Spanish immersion classes at varying levels, including medical vocabulary integration and conversation in medical contexts. Afternoons and evenings will be time for students to spend with their Ecuadorian host families, as well as in visits to local public and private clinics and hospitals, with a variety of medical specializations. The culmination of the four-week program will be the ultimate medical Spanish immersion experience: 20 hours of doctor-shadowing in their daily rounds.

     Rather than a conventional Spanish-language improvement program, Salud is specifically intended for those considering a career in health care. Many students who speak Spanish at home will find the training extremely valuable in that it will familiarize them with the specific vocabulary used in the healthcare field and provide them the opportunity for real-life immersion in that context. 


Let’s serve our Latino community by cultivating the talent of our own bilingual youth, launching them toward careers in healthcare.  For more information, download the flyer and visit the website below.

Programa Salud Overview (pdf)